In an effort to serve children in the least restrictive learning environment and provide them with the therapeutic tools to prevent off-site school or out of home placement, ConSoul Interventions, LLC delivers a full array of services for children and adolescents in the school environment as well as outpatient counseling services in the home and community environment.


Therapeutic school-based treatment services provide the tools and support for the school and family to help the child stabilize behaviors in the school setting while preventing placement in a more restrictive environment. Furthermore, our services are designed to limit disruptions in the school setting and avoid undesirable behaviors, truancy, expulsion, drop out, criminal misconduct, and poor academic performance. 

Our services are designed to enhance the school experience for every child, teacher, administrator, and parent involved. Services include, but are not limited to: academic support, linkage between the family and school, participation in the Individualized Educational Plan development, and behavior modification. 

Our staff provide cultural enrichment activities, experimental learning and academic development, therapeutic recreational activities, social skills building, clinical treatment modalities, linkage with community resources, family stabilization, and case management.

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Our services are provided to individuals who experience a mental health diagnosis throughout the State of Texas.

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ConSoul Interventions, LLC was created by a team of Counselors and Business Leaders who have over 25 years of experience working with the at-risk population. Our team integrates therapeutic best practices with innovative technologies to help improve attendance and enhance academic performance, problem solving, conflict resolution, and anger management skills while minimizing inappropriate behaviors within the family, school, and community settings. We use a collaborative team approach.  
Our approach to service delivery has a proven track record in several areas throughout the United States.

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ConSoul Interventions, LLC believes that every individual is unique and has qualities that, if nurtured, will allow the individual to flourish and thrive. We believe that restoration of disrupted relationships is essential to healing for individuals who have experienced trauma (“Hurt people, hurt people”; “healed people, heal people”.)  Therefore, we strive to provide healing relationships with consistent, caring, goal driven interventions while utilizing a wrap-around approach to address the needs of the entire person (mental, physical, emotional, and social). 

So that we can continually improve our services we use cutting edge data to quantify outcome measures and make adjustments to our model as indicated.


Helping individuals/people who suffer from trauma thrive in healing relationships within their community.


Improving Lives; Impacting Communities


Achieving desired outcomes through excellence in healing relationships.


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